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Where have you been?

I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks.  It’s been hectic.  Thanksgiving week was crazy busy.  Then coming back to work after an extended weekend was not only rough but busy with meetings and workload.  Last Thursday, my stomach decided it was done with food.  I was sick.  It was a dead to the world kind of sick.  The leave me alone while I hope and pray this ends soon, whichever way the big Guy chooses.  I needed a timeout.

I went two entire days without food or much to drink.  I couldn’t keep anything down.  Near the end of day two, I was able to keep down some nausea medication and then get some liquid in me.  My stomach still did not want anything to do with food.  By Saturday, I was finally able to eat a little. This really wasn’t the timeout I needed or was looking for.

So Hungry

Tuesday.  It wasn’t until Tuesday that I was getting hungry. First time in almost a week and I found myself hungry.  Just in time, too.  We’ve been planning a little getaway with the older of the two children.  We’re taking AJ to see mountains for a few days this week.  That is, of course, if he isn’t sick.  He’s making a stop at the doctor today to talk about this nasty cough he has.

Ah, the ramblings of motherhood.  The point is, we’re all busy, right?  Your family is getting ready for the holidays.  There are gifts to get, wrap and hide until it’s time to give.  You have to figure out what to get from the kids to the spouse.  You have to plan the holiday party schedule, school functions, and fundraisers.  It’s amazing how busy the end of the year can become. Where is the timeout?!?

It’s the end of the year already?!

December is the month of being scatterbrained.  I can be sitting in the office working on my maps, and a million little things will be running through my head all at once.  Occasionally something will stick there long enough for a full thought to form, but never long enough for me to write it down on my to-do list. I know, or at least I think, I have a huge to-do list, but I can’t jot it down quick enough for my over-processed brain to comprehend. Now can I have that timeout?


That’s me right now.  Everywhere!  Oh, look shiny object. Wait, what was I doing?  Oh, that’s right, I need to… wait, that too?  Where was I?  Oh, it’s tomorrow?  Crap.

I don’t get this bad too often, but when I do, it’s sooo bad.  Luckily, I do get a timeout soon.  I plan on taking my camera and getting some time in nature to unwind this wound up little brain of mine.  It’s time for a break.  It’s earned. It’s time for the timeout!


Take that Timeout

Why am I rambling? First, I wanted to apologize for my absence.  Balancing life is my biggest challenge.  Secondly, I want you to know its ok to be overwhelmed by the chaos.  When it gets too much, take a timeout.  You are allowed to take a break.  Be comfortable with yourself, tell yourself you need to recharge.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, life will continue, it’s just better when you can see it clearly.

Take that break, my friends.  Blow off some steam.  Add some purple to your hair.  Enjoy life, it’s kinda fun.

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