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It’s November 4th, 2020. There is a cool fall breeze (like low 80s during the day) here in South Florida. It’s the day after the polls have closed and just like that the phones have stopped ringing. Rejoice in the silence!!

And yet we wait. Is it Trump? Is it Biden? Is there a care to give? At the moment, that’s a big, fat, resounding no. It’s not that I don’t care about who wins. I do. I stayed up way later than should have last night listening to analysts discuss all the possible outcomes. The suburban woman could call this election. What about the black vote that just isn’t showing up at the polls?

It was interesting to hear all the different demographics that could sway the election one way or another. All of that wasn’t what interested me, though. It was the lack of any topic of importance to me that distracted me. All that talk isn’t going to change the outcome of how people voted. Some of the discussion was just like watching a hot pile of crap being thrown on a trainwreck. You just couldn’t turn away.

Then my husband came out to say goodnight, and I had a better option for the evening. Banter with the man that keeps me sane, makes me smile, and never stops surprising me with his willingness to put up with me.

We just celebrated our 8th-anniversary last week. 8 years that someone has stuck by my side through some of the worst days I’ve experienced. We’ve yelled and screamed at each other. We shared laughter, joy, and pure happiness. There have been times of frustration, annoyance, and yes anger. Through all that, we stand here together 8 years later, stronger than ever, and still in love.

So while the country sits (im)patiently awaiting results for what will be for the next 4 years, I sit in the peace and quiet of a silent phone thanking the heavens above that it won’t be ringing to get my vote anytime soon.

Just a word of advice, though I’m pretty sure this crowd doesn’t need the reminder to be kind. Whoever you voted for, whether we agree on it or not, is irrelevant going forward. Whoever will be leading this country, whether you like them or not, deserves the respect of a president, whether they deserve it or not. And those who voted differently than me will also get the same respect they get from me everyday. Be kind… always.

We live in a hate filled world. The only way to stop it is to be kind. We can disagree, and we can do that respectfully and with grace. Let it be said one more time: Be kind… always.

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