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You’re in the 11th hour of trying to get everything, and I mean EVERYTHING done. The last-minute hustle begins. You’re packing up the back to school boxes of supplies for your kids, running around town looking for the last items you somehow forgot to pick up the last time you went out, and the time before that.  You still have a 1000 things to do at home, including making those cute little first day of school boards, finishing the modifications to your daughter’s wheelchair (no?  that’s just me?), gathering all the backpacks, lunch boxes, and clothes…

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Not to mention you were up until midnight the night before writing up new products, getting your to-do list for the next day ready and getting YOURSELF organized for the school year.  Then you get hit head-on with the chills and a two-hour long coughing fit when you finally do get yourself into bed.  Yup, it’s that time of year again.  It’s back to school for our kids here in South Florida tomorrow.

When it Rains, It Pours

I have a Cricut maker that I absolutely love.  Check out what’s new at Cricut  As I mentioned before, I live in South Florida.  It’s summer, that means nasty storms in the afternoon at about 4 pm just about every day.  We’ve lost power twice now.  The last time I was in the middle of cutting a design out on my Cricut.  My heart sank.  I almost dropped an f-bomb.  By almost, read that as I got out of my mouth: “What the fu…”

The past month has been a real struggle, everything seems to be last-minute.  I’m trying to find my way in a new position at work.  It’s fun, but when you come from being an expert in something to have to learn a new technology and people expecting you to be an expert in it immediately, it’s a challenge.

My son has decided he’s going to be like his mother and have a temper and lose it with just about everything.  It’s like they know the end of summer is near.  God bless him, he’s going to be just fine in life if he continues to not take anyone’s crap, but still a challenge.

It’s a new school year, and with that comes new fun.  Technically, I don’t have school aged kids yet. Riley is with the ESE program Pre-K, but she’s 3 and will be there a little longer.  AJ starts VPK and seems to be very excited about it.  The daycare he’s been attending also does a VPK program, so at least he’s not going to have to learn a new school and routine just yet.

Special Needs Back to School

What does this all mean?  Ever hear of IEP?  I’m sure if you’ve hit up this site before, you’ve probably heard of the acronym before.  The last month I’ve been writing up an IEP Organize Binder.  Those I’ve found online just don’t seem to have the right mix of what I was looking for.  We need more details because Riley is more complex than just one diagnosis, not that one diagnosis is easy.

One of my last-minute exercises for this evening is getting a booklet together that I’ll send with her to class to track her seizures.  It also has a “Getting to Know Me” cheat sheet for her teachers that explains her diagnosis, what to look for, how to help her and emergency contacts and information.  We want to make sure she has the best possible chances of learning, and I’m hoping someone takes the time to read it in her classroom.

We met her teacher in the open house and she really seems like she has it together.  While we’re nervous, we’re also excited for Riley simply because of how awesome her new teacher seems to be.

And now back to the last-minute madness.  Wishing all you Super-Mom’s and Dad’s a happy back to school, and wishing it gives you some time to breathe during the day.

Good Luck!

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Sara is a mother of two, wife and full-time employee. She's also a parent of a child with special needs.

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