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Noticed things are a little different lately? Small changes here, bigger changes there. I’m mixing it up.  A new shop is open.  Check it out here: Printables Shop.  The site is changing, getting a makeover… gradually. Who doesn’t need a good makeover?

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Why the changes?

Why not?  I liked the old look but was never fully satisfied.  It didn’t reflect me.  It was busy, too much going on.  Like life, sometimes simple is better.  It’s starting to look cleaner, navigation is a little smoother, and I opened a shop!  Did I mention that already?  Just in case you missed the big banner at the top of the screen (that you can close if you want).

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What other changes are coming?

That’s a great question.  You’ve seen the design changes slowly happening, but I’m also changing the focus of the site.  I’ll still chat special needs topics, self-care and simply bettering yourself.  That’s what this was all about, to begin with.  I just didn’t feel like it was me.
Special needs to difficult to talk about all the time.  There are a lot of ups and downs.  As many of you already know, sometimes there are more downs.  I’m not a Debbie Downer.  This was not the intention of the site.
The original intention was to let others know they weren’t alone on their journey.  The more support groups I find on Facebook, or people I follow on Instagram and Twitter, the more I realize there are many more resources out there for everyone. We can just have fun here.
With that, there will probably be “branding” changes as well.  Unbreakable Sara was about me.  It was about not breaking at your weakest moment.  This site was about letting you know that even when you get kicked down, to brush yourself and get back up and keep doing what you’re doing.  I’ll still be encouraging that, but branching out as well.

The Family Changes

Our family will be making lots of changes at home.  There’s been some health scares over the last year with me and now my husband.  That’s been a driving force lately with making better choices, healthier changes, exercising and focusing on family. You can’t be there for your kids if you’re not here because you didn’t take care of yourself.
Look for more posts in the lifestyle category.  Look for healthy recipes.  Always be on the lookout for free printables.  That’s my favorite thing to make right now.  It really helps with stress.  See, being healthy, de-stressing!
Be on the lookout for a survey or two coming out soon as well. Surveys are fun, and I promise to be witty and sarcastic because let’s face it, that’s me.  I just want to make sure I’m still delivering on what you want.  I don’t want to write a bunch of stuff that my kids can later read when they grow up about how crazy their mom was.
Pardon the dust, while I work hard on making this little blogging dream of mine as beautiful as possible.  And thank you.  Thanks for sticking around for this crazy journey.
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