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Do you ever get stuck?  Like really stuck?  So much going on: doctor’s appointments (for every single person in the family), play dates, vacation, birthday parties, conferences, work and pretty much life.  Sometimes I just get so caught up in the least important things in life, and I can’t get out of the funk. Overcoming yourself becomes the biggest challenge.

How does overcoming yourself work?  Somebody please send me the blueprint!  I’ve been in a funk for about a month now.  This site has suffered from my lack of effort (I know, I’m sorry!).  I’ve neglected my friends (Seriously guys, love you!!).  I just haven’t been myself.  I need to get myself out of this hole I’ve dug.

I’ve been reading up a lot of self care lately, because lets face it, everyone else comes first.  Can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself.  So what’s all this self-care about anyway?

Basically self-care is finding ways to do things for yourself.  Like a massage, Mani-Pedi, taking some time to read a book or just catching up on your favorite show.  Eating healthy, exercising, and relaxing are also great ways to practice self-care.

These are all great things in theory, but you need to make the time to do these things.  Hence overcoming yourself.  You are the biggest hurdle to creating change in your life.

I had a very big and difficult decision in my life recently, that I decided to make the change.  If you know me at all, you know I fear change.  This decision has taking its toll on me emotionally and mentally.  I’ll get over it, it will make me stronger and I’m so very excited for the change coming in less than two weeks.  At the same time, the emotional and mental side of making that decision has made sent me into this funk.

The 7 Self-Care Challenge

So I’m challenging myself to a 7 day self-care challenge.  Day 1- today, was get back into writing.  This outlet has been very therapeutic for me.  Even though I wanted to fight this tooth and nail, I decided to take a little time to write out some thoughts, and unfortunately for you, this is the verbal vomit that has come out.

Sara and KiddosDay 2 – Walk for 30 minutes with the family, and write about the Family Cafe event from this past weekend. and EAT GUACAMOLE!

Day 3 – Write your grocery list for healthy eating. Walk for 30 minutes. Write about the recent health modifications from your doctor.

Day 4 – Spa day at home with Mani and Pedi with an obnoxious color.  Walk for 30 minutes.

Day 5 – Pool day with the kiddos!  Grocery shopping for a healthier you.

Day 6 – Spa Day 2 for a more work friendly color. Walk for 30 minutes.  Meal plan for the week.

Day 7 – Write about your experience on the challenge and get 30 minutes of walking in.

Did you notice anything going through this challenge? Other than grocery shopping, which I need to do anyway, I’m not spending a dime. All challenges are geared to making me a better person, clearing my head and/or relaxing.  Overcoming yourself isn’t easy.  It takes a good frame of mind and positive thinking so you can do it.  You are the only person holding yourself back.  You are also the only person in control of your success.  Carpe diem my friends.  Seize the day.

For a great list of easy self-care tips, check out this post at Blysee for 70 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

There’s only one person standing in your way of being a better person who cares more about themselves, and that, my friends is you.  How did you shape you challenge?  What tips do you have to share with the clan? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time!

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