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Shout out to the Dad's

I have to admit, I don’t do it all myself.  Not even close.  I have a wonderful partner to dance with who not only shows my kids the love they deserve, but he’s just amazing.  Most of the medicine duty and heavy lifting is all Dad.  Both of them.

Wait… WHAT?!  What’s this both of them?

My husband, Phil, is such a wonderful father.  He plays, he reads stories, changes diapers, makes dinner, DOES ALL THE LAUNDRY.  He’s a superstar.  A badass.  He also fixes all my computer needs, makes sure I’m safe in my car, and gets me a bowl of ice cream covered in chocolate syrup when I’m feeling blue.

Then there’s my dad.  When my back is having Fibro issues, he’s there to help me get my baby girl in and out of the car.  He helps with the kids after school, he snuggles little Miss Riley while he lets Phil and I grab a quick bite and run errands (our new date night).

I’m am completely blessed to have these men in my life.  This blog is typically about the mother’s perspective, but I have had a few awesome dads out there contact me.  I thought we are well overdue for a shout out to all the men in our lives who deserve to be praised.


It Doesn't Go Unnoticed

To the men who step up every day:  it doesn’t go unnoticed.  I see you.

I see you trying to figure out how the new Joey pump works, watching all the youtube videos you can find.  I see that worry on your face if you’ve done it right.

I see you, like clockwork, line up the medicine syringes, measuring precisely the right amount.  Warming up the water so that’s it not too cold to go through the g-tube. I see how you’ve mastered the button.

I see you throwing out the trash, and collecting the diapers from the pail because you know momma has a terrible smell reaction to… everything. This is also why you’ve reached Allstar dad because you clean up all the vomit (even when it’s mine).

I see you keeping the kids occupied when I can’t get myself out of bed, whether it be because I simply can’t face the world, or if it’s because I didn’t catch my migraine with meds in time.

I see you when it’s been tough at work, and you still get it all done at home, even if you’re deep in thought about other things.

I’m guilty of not saying how much it means to me that you’re not just the most awesome husband, but you also rock as a kickass dad.  

Dad's Just Do it Different

There’s Mom’s way of doing things, and then there’s Dad’s way. 98% of the time I just shake my head with a grin on my face and walk away.  

My son knows when it’s time to have fun, you go to Daddy.  When you hurt yourself and need hugs, you go to Mommy.  Video games? Dad.  Nerf? Dad all the way.  Race cars, motorcycles, trucks, Hotwheels, race games?  No question whatsoever.  

Bathtime? “Wash your hair, scrub your butt, stop stinking.” 

Now with his little girl, things are sweet, snuggly, and just Riley being daddy’s little girl.  That’s a bond I can’t even begin to top, and would never want to.  They have something so special it just melts my heart. 

Don’t mess with the princess, or Daddy turns tough. He makes sure she gets everything that she needs.


Dad's Rock

It’s really simple.  Dad’s just rock.  I can remember when I was a little girl, my dad took me to the local mall to pick up some stuff before we went on a family trip.  We came in the Sear’s entrance, and they had this wall of stuffed animals.  I found one I liked, but he didn’t want to carry it around the mall.  My dad took the bear I found, and hid it in the back so when we came back through it would be there safe and sound.

Looking back, I know that parental hack. Maybe the kid will forget about it on the way out and we don’t have to spend the money on it.  I may have used it a time a two.

We got the bear.

AJ gets McDonald’s on Saturday with my Dad.  Every Saturday, or school holiday for that matter.  It’s their thing.  Just like I get one day of shopping for Christmas with my Dad, just us.  

Make those memories. Your kids will remember it. They make their own traditions with their kids one day, so be the example, like the two I have in my life.

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