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Guys, I did it.  I finally took the time to get organized with my jewelry.  The best part about it?  I made it myself!  What to find out how I made this DIY jewelry organizer?  Keep on reading folks! 

I’m a big fan of being organized.  Mainly because lately, I’ve just been forgetting everything.  From my daughter’s medications names and dosages to adding things to our shared calendar (have you checked out Cozi yet?), or even taking my own medication.  The struggle is real, my friends.

You’ve seen some of the fun ways I organize our paperwork, from medical binder to the IEP organizer.  It was time to tackle something that is just a major tangled disaster.   

My necklaces were everywhere.  When we moved into the house we’re currently in almost two years ago, we went to Ikea and picked up some stuff including the 9 drawer Alex unit.

The top 4 drawers were meant to house my jewelry.  The top drawer would be the nicer jewelry that are in sets and boxes still.  The second drawer was bracelets (I love Pura Vida, btw).  The third was earrings, and the last was necklaces. 

The last 5 drawers, yes 5, housed my excessive and unnecessary makeup addiction.  I’m addicted to palettes.  Hi, my name is Sara and I have a makeup problem.  You would think I’d actually be good at it by now, but alas, I am not. 

I do have a small jewelry box that my amazing husband bought me for a gift.  It has these nifty little drawers that I keep all my rings in. Everything had a spot.  I was organized.  Or was I? 

Mixing Things Up 

I eventually started mixing the drawers, completely unintentionally.  OK, so I got lazy, that’s really what it was.  I can admit my problems! 

The necklaces started getting tangled together.  Bracelets were everywhere.  I couldn’t find a matching set of earrings to save my life.   

I also started to leave the more worn items out on my bathroom counter.  It looked like a mess all the time in my bathroom/closet area.  Not only do I have a mess of jewelry, but also clothes.  That’s another story though.

The Search for the Best Jewelry Organizer Began 

I started shopping for something, anything that could help get me organized. Amazon, my go to online shopping for literally everything.  I also have a problem with going out in public to go shopping.  Anyone else hate crowds, especially the mall crowd?  It makes my anxiety go through the roof. 

I couldn’t find anything I really liked and fitted my desire to showcase the jewelry.  So what do you do after you search the King of everything online store?  I hit up Pinterest.  I typed in jewelry organizer and wouldn’t you know it; all these amazing do-it-yourself ideas started popping up.  

I read through quite a few and decided that making my own was the best path moving forward and made my own I did.

The DIY Jewelry Organizer was Born 

I started to fall in love with the old frames that you can easily see all your earrings and necklaces.  I love bracelets, but I rarely wear them.  The ones I particularly like are the boho beach style cord bracelets that don’t easily incorporate into corporate America business attire.  I do get away with it from time to time, though.

What drew me to making my own was that I could take an old frame I had and make it fit into the style we had in our room already.  I originally was going to go to our local Goodwill and find an old frame there to upcycle.  Luckily, my mom had one that I could I use that canvas was removed from. 

I gave the frame a fresh coat of paint, mounted chicken wire to the back, added some hooks on the bottom and boom… the DIY jewelry organizer is up on my wall.  It’s also screaming at me that I have way too many necklaces, or I didn’t add enough hooks.  I think I may add some more hooks… you can never have enough necklaces.

For me, it makes it so much easier to pick something out and get a better rotation of items to wear. With this design, it’s all VISIBLE.  Can you see the clouds parting to shine some sunlight on me right now? Seriously, it’s all there for you to see what you actually have in your collection.

It’s also a good reminder that I don’t need to add any new necklaces anytime soon to the collection.  I have a ton. 

Supplies for Your Own Jewelry Organizer 

Are you ready to make your own?  Here’s what you’ll need for your very own DIY jewelry organizer. 

There are a few tools you may need as well.  

  • Hammer 
  • Drill (if you want to predrill holes for the screw hooks) 
  • Staple Gun 
  • Wire Cutter
  • Gloves 

I would highly recommend using a staple gun to mount the chicken wire.   

Assembling Your Jewelry Organizer 

Let’s get this party started!  I took our repurposed frame and painted it a nice gray color.  Once the paint dried, I spray a light coat of the glitter spray.  Please, please, please do this part outside if you choose to use the spray.  Glitter gets everywhere! The voice of experience, perhaps?

Next, I rolled out the chicken wire and cut it out to the appropriate size. Using the staple gun, I mounted the wire to the back of the frame. I admit, I first attempted it with a regular stapler.  Big mistake.  The staples didn’t really stick, and by not sticking, I mean they ended up all over my floor when the chicken wire decided to pop off and roll back up.

By the way, use care when cutting the chicken wire.  I would highly suggest using gloves as the edges of the wire hurt like a mofo.  I may have acquired many new scrapes from this part of assembly.   

Once you’re painted and wired up, then comes the tedious part of attaching the screw hooks.  I man handled these little hooks onto the bottom of the frame.  They’re not evenly spaced and it took a lot of force to try get them to go into the frame.  Looking back, I really should be predrilled some holes.  Live and learn. 

That’s it, my friends.  Simple, easy, and quick project that not only organizes your earrings and necklaces, but also looks good and doubles as home décor.   

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