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My name is Sara and I’m currently a full-time employee, mother of 2 amazing children and wife to a supportive and loving husband.

I started this blog initially for those parents who found themselves in the world of special needs parenting to offer support and experiences of my own journey.  Then after doing that for a few months, my own path has changed course and I wanted to share all life experiences.  All of us have been through some tough situations and this is now the home of having those experiences help others who are going through them now.

Life tends to be a roller coaster.  Some days we’re way up high and enjoying the view.  Other days, we find ourselves barreling down, fast into Sara and AJthe next turn through a dark tunnel and not knowing what’s coming.  That’s what this blog is all about.  I’m farther down this roller coaster, and want to help anyone just getting on, who seems to be struggling and not seeing anything looking up.  I know, I’ve been there.  It’s tough.

When I was 25, more than a decade ago, I was on top of the world.  That world came crashing down with some bad choices.  Bad choices, led to consequences, which led to change.  I decided to go back to college, which I hadn’t finished previously, and got a bachelor’s in geography.  What?!?  Who gets a degree in geography unless they plan on teaching, right?

I’m not a teacher.  I’m a GIS specialist.  I work in a wonderful industry, analyzing data and making maps… and I love it.  Life couldn’t have been better.

Then I started dating my future husband, so it did get better.  After we got engaged, I really felt like things just couldn’t be better.

We had planned a year long engagement.  After about 6 months, I lost my grandmother.  This will be a topic one day, but for now, I was the one that found her, and could not resuscitate her.  This is something that still haunts me to this day.  How do you move on from that?  You just do.

My husband and I got married that year, and pretty quickly found ourselves expecting our first.  Back up high,  looking out at that view.  I had an ectopic pregnancy.

A few months later, found out we were excepting again.  My son made a very quick appearance a day early, with lots of complications.  He had to have a blood transfusion the day he was born and was in NICU for almost a week.  Momma didn’t do to well postpartum and looking back didn’t realize I had postpartum depression.

Six months after my son was born, we were expecting again… TWINS!  I was high risk and was monitored weekly, initially.  The doctors thought the twins were mono-mono.  Found out they were mono-di, visits changed to bi-weekly and somewhere around the 16 week mark, we lost one of the girls.  This was, at the time, the lowest point I have ever experienced.  Hearts do break, I felt mine crumble piece by painful piece, just breaking apart.

Sara and Riley
Riley after her first surgery.

My surviving daughter made her appearance into the world 6 weeks early.  She also had a blood transfusion, like her brother, though it was a full exchange transfusion.  We also found out that she was missing 60% of her brain, due to a stroke caused “by the demise of a twin”.

My warrior is a fighter, but around 6 months, we noticed there was a lot that was not right, more so than they told us to expect.  Turns out she has hydrocephalus and a form of epilepsy called Infantile Spasms.  She has had two brain surgeries before the age of 1.  I hit the proverbial bottom again.  Dealing with many different doctors and hospital visits, trying to take care of a family and still work full time was a major struggle.

Two years after the surgeries, I can I finally say that I’m finding my way again.  I’m happy.  My kids are happy.  My husband is going through his own journey and changing of directions, but is finding new life on this path.  This is life.  Some days are harder than others, but you just keep going.

What does this all mean for you?  This means that if you can’t find someone in your life that can understand the difficulties that you’re going though,  you’ll find it here. I’ve been through my fair share of heartache, and its a difficult road to walk, especially if you feel alone.  I don’t want any one to think they have to walk any path by themselves.  So, here we are, starting a clan of survivors… the unbreakable.

And so Unbreakable Sara was formed.  Be part of the clan.  This clan is here to support each other, to walk side by side.  Life is going to be tough some days, but we don’t have to be alone on this journey.  Join the mailing list, add some comments, let’s interact, and just be a positive force in each other’s lives.  Special Needs Parenting, or not, all are welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, and I hope we can find ways to build each other up so that happiness in the norm.

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