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Anyone feel old?  Anyone?  No? Just me?  Well, then… This post is for me.  I’m sitting here at a youthful 38 years old.  My birthday is in June.  For some reason, I’m totally dreading 39.  I just want to be 25 again.  I loved 25.  Life was simple.  I had a lot of friends, I was super skinny, I was happy.  I know super skinny doesn’t equate to happiness, but being healthy does help. Enter the weight-loss challenge.

At 38, I’m not too healthy.  I’m pretty much overweight.  And by overweight, I have a good 70 lbs to lose.  So I came up with some goals to hit before I turn 40 in just over a year.

Goal number 1: Lose 40 pounds by age 40.

I know, I know… That should be a fairly simple task if I put my mind to it.  40 pounds in over a year.

You have to understand my love for food.  We have such a happy relationship.  I feel down, and I can always rely on this relationship. Unhealthy relationship?  Absolutely!  Am I aware of it?  Yes, I am!  This is not just a weight-loss challenge, It’s a mental challenge.  I have a very hard time changing my bad habits.  I’m well aware of it.  I know I need to change, its just so hard.

Do you struggle with things in your life you know you need to change?  Drop me a comment below, we can walk this journey together.

Goal Number 2: Take Care of Myself

What do I mean by that?  I have not been very good over the last 5 years about taking care of myself.  I’m always running around taking my daughter to doctor’s appointments, making sure my son has what he needs for daycare, giving my husband the opportunity to go back to school.  I’ve put off so many things because of every excuse under the sun.

I need to make sure I’m looking out for myself so I’m still here in the future to take care of others.  Think of the safety instructions you get on the plane.  Make sure you get your oxygen mask on first before helping others.  If you don’t have oxygen, you can’t help others in case of emergency.

I’ve already started this goal.  I started going to see my doctor, getting things taken care of.  Unfortunately, this has meant getting referred to specialists, and then more specialists, and two more this coming week.  Lots of health issues.

This goal may not be completely measurable, however, I am feeling better and I know I’m on the right path.

This goal doesn’t just mean go to the doctor.  This is more of overall health, physical and mental.  I’ve started walking daily, and plan on starting to work out 3-5 times a week as well.

I’m not stopping there though, I’m also going on the mental health path, too.  Getting outdoors more often, making sure to make time to spend with my favorite girls in the world.   Oh, and don’t forget to get those creative juices flowing.  I’ve got this blog now, too!

Goal Number 3: The other “40” by 40.

My lofty goal is really to hit 140 by 40.  I’m fairly certain this is a ridiculous weight-loss goal.  I’m going for it anyway.  That’s almost 70 lbs in a little over a year.

Who wants to go on this journey with me?  Accountability loves company on the journey to weight-loss!

If anyone is interested in heading down this journey with me, check out my Facebook page here: Unbreakable Sara Facebook Page

Here’s hoping that the end of 38 and all of 39 turn out well for all.  Let’s pull together and build each other up.  I can do this, you can do this, and we can help each other get to our weight-loss, mental challenge goals together.  Let’s help each other!!

Until next time.


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Sara is a mother of two, wife and full-time employee. She's also a parent of a child with special needs.

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