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I’m going to tell you a little secret.  There are many, many more than 10.  My oldest has a laundry list of daily wants.  These are some of the unspoken (and some spoken) asks that kids want from parents.  I totally stole it from Twitter!  Find the original post here.  Follow @OURBABYNETWORK.

Yeah, this post will be short on the verbiage, just came across this and had to share, because I enjoyed it.  How many of these items to do you do with your kid(s)? Happy hump day y’all!

10 Things Kids Want From Parents
10 Things Kids Want From Parents


Some Extra Suggestions!

My son is constantly asking if Ill play with him, read him a book at night. I’m definitely going to be adding in some more story telling time from my childhood.  We talk about it from time to time and I can see some room for improvement.  Most everything else we already do.

At dinner, we put all electronics away and talk about our days.  What did AJ learn about in school, what did Riley’s notebook of activities say? Did Mommy make any fun maps at work.  Was school fun for Daddy?

One of the best items of discussion as of late… AJ told me how he has homework to do and that Grammy needed to help him color in different colors. AJ is 4, and his school is daycare.  The kid has no homework.  His cousins have been joining us after school a little more often than they have in the past and they’ve had school work to do.  He just wants to be like the big boys.

What do you already do on this list?  What do you do that isn’t on this list and would love to share?  Drop me a comment and let me know how your family does things!

Thanks for reading!

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